Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't have a life, so I might as well have a blog...

Well, I've gone and done it now...  To add to all my other hobbies, (which are so multitudinous, they are actually a source of stress rather than pleasure in my life), I have now gone and started a blog.

But it's not a decision I have taken lightly, having toyed with the idea for a couple of years now.  I wanted to make sure that I actually had something to offer the blogosphere (does anyone still use that word, or am I stuck in 2007?).  I'm still not sure I do, but hey, there's always a delete button if that's the case.

So please join me on this not-particularly wild ride through my life as it is at the moment.  My intention is to share with you the creative stuff I do, and how it dovetails in to my job as mum to two of the most beautiful, clever and funny little kids you ever did meet (except for your kids, of course).  They make me want to me a more beautiful, clever and funny person, and, as an unexpected bonus for all that hard slog that comes with parenting, I have found this amazing surge of creativity since becoming a mum.

So, it will be recipes, craft ideas (and perhaps tutorials), skitey pics of awesome stuff I've done/places I've visited, funny parenting anecdotes, and, I apologise in advance, lots of exclamation marks (and mid sentence sidelines in brackets), because I do that.

And now to come up with that all important next post...

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