Monday, May 31, 2010

Scrapheap Challenge: 3 ways with pretty left-over fabrics, Part 1

I love to make something out of nothing, I think it really is the spirit of crafting. But that means I'm also a bit of a hoarder when it comes to fabric and paper scraps, (see above photo, but a small selection of my material stash). So I thought I'd do some posts on some creative, cheap and fun ways to use them.

1. Make some push-pins and magnets...

Master J's notice board in his black and white nursery...

For a kid's bedroom or stylish notice board, it all depends on your choice of fabrics and you only need very small pieces.

You will need:

* Fabric scraps
* Scissors
* Metal backings for making fabric-covered buttons (in whatever sizes you fancy, your local craft/sewing store will have them)
* Epoxy resin (a type of glue which you will be able to find in your local hardware store, just ask)
* Cut-able magnetic strips or push pins

Make the fabric covered buttons as per the instruction on the back of the packet (they aren't hard to make). Or you could watch this quick tutorial on YouTube:

Cut the metal loop off the back of the button with a pair of strong scissors and pull it out so the back is flat.

Use Epoxy to glue a piece of magnet strip or a push-pin to the back of the button. Leave to dry for at least 12 hours (Epoxy really gets strong when it is left to cure for a while, but if you are impatient you can buy a "5 minute Epoxy".)

Find a magnetic or cork board and enjoy! A boxed set of 6 or 8 of these would make a lovely gift too :)


Use epoxy to glue fabric covered buttons to a snap-clip, for a pretty girly accessory.

Here Miss S, on her 2nd birthday, wears an appliqued butterfly T-shirt and 
matching snap-clip I made for her for the day out of fabric scraps.

And another variation (keep the metal loop on the back of the button for this one):
A trio of fabric covered buttons is an easy way to customise a T shirt

        This one is well-worn as you can tell...



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