Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coming up in July...

The snowflake lantern - one of the many variations on the party favour bag...

Oh dear, please don't read my "coming up in June" post from a month ago.  It just shows that I got horribly side-tracked by my daughter's birthday party and all things pink and didn't get around to most of my promised posts.  So this month I shall be a tad more realistic...

So here is some of what LM has planned for in July:

Making the coffee for the Tiramisu

* The Tiramisu How-to
* The 5c Party Favour bag tutorial
* Wine glass lantern tutorial

... and whatever else takes my fancy in between.

And, to one lucky reader I will be giving a fabulous collection of Swiss Kitchen gadgets to celebrate my 20th post, Swiss National Day (August 1st) and to share some well-designed Swiss Kitchen gadgetry love.  I might even throw in a few bars of my favourite Swiss chocolate.

Lady Muck xx

PS - thanks for all the lovely comments in my June posts. x


  1. Given that I have a cake decorating exercise coming up in a week last months posts were much appreciated :-)

  2. So glad to hear it... I'm attempting a Swiss flag cake next week so I will be brushing up on my piping skills again! x



Thanks so much for your comments - I really appreciate them!

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