Friday, June 4, 2010

Coming up in June:

Thanks so much to all my "followers" and those who have read and commented on my posts.  I so appreciate your feedback and support!

Some of you have emailed me offline with questions about applying my ideas in different ways, and how to go about it.  I have started a new page "Ask Lady Muck" across the top of the homepage.  Just click on there and leave your question in the comment field and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, here's just a few of the things I have coming up in June:

Easy baby & toddler Neckerchief

* Reversible baby neckerchief pattern and tutorial

* Wine Glass lanterns tutorial

* Mid-winter Christmas dinner ideas for the tabletop (for all those New Zealanders planning this NZ tradition right now)

* Tuscan Tiramisu recipe with pictures (you don't want to miss this!)

* Budget make:  5 cent party favour bags

And a sneaky peak for July... I will be holding a competition, giving away a fabulous kitchen-related prize to one lucky reader.

"Lady Muck" xx

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