Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Hello Kitty Party...

Buttercream wouldn't melt...

Today was the day of the big party.  The big Hello Kitty party in all its pinkalicious glory.  Here are some highlights in pictures.

The day began with with filling some helium balloons to float about the ceiling...

Then it was time to set the table...

These were the "Party Starters".  They were an up-turned party hat in a paper cup, filled with popcorn and a party blower.

Cheese and Pineapple Hedgehog

Then there was the preparation of the party food.  Here are a couple of traditional Kiwi favourites which I remember from my birthday parties as a child...

Then just before the guests arrived, I tried to get a nice pic of Miss S in her party gears before she got covered in party food...



That's better.

Then the guests arrived and we did a craft together, followed by a game of musical cushions, and then the food...

Happy little munchers

Finally, after a game of pass the parcel, we got ready for the cake.  Miss S had been asking me to light the candles and let her cut it at 15 minute intervals all day, so I was glad when I could finally say yes!

And here it is, in its last moment of wholeness before it disappeared into our memories (and stomachs)...

Cut it!  Cut it!

Ever the optimist - I think she thought this would be her piece...

That's more like it...

Bye bye, Kitty!

Then after some more playtime, and the opening of the presents, it was hometime.  But our guests didn't leave empty handed...

Goody Bags (and here's how to make them)
And cake to go...

So here's wishing my my beautiful little Hello Kitty fan a wonderful 4th birthday!


  1. Awww, it looked so beautiful before we all came over :) Had a great time, thanks again!

  2. Beautiful! I marvel at all your ingenuity! (I stocked up on supplies while in the US and am crossing my fingers that the birthday girl will be okay with my selection come September.)

  3. What a fabulous party!! I only wish I could have been there!! Everything was just perfect!!You are amazing!

  4. Wish I had been there - it all looks just beautiful! You are so creative and clever - what did you use for the cake bags?

  5. :)

    'Nita... I used paper sandwich bags from the supermarket and the cake sat on a triangle cut out from a paper plate. I put a folded napkin under the "plate" and wrote on the bag with a pink gel pen. :) x

  6. Cake is really good.. especially Hello Kitty cake made by Lady Muck

  7. Thought it must be OK if you cycled over to ours at 6pm for another piece! :)

  8. Sorry only just got onto check these out, it looks a wonderful day, well done :) I am looking forward to the day she wants something like High School musical and see how you make that look pretty and cool...heehee

  9. Just heard that there were photos, etc. Pretty amazing party and cake! Birthday girl obviously enjoyed herself. Just wish I could have been there this time. Meg B

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