Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Mini Collage Kit...

Here's a quick and easy gift idea for the preschooler in your life.  A mini collage kit with all the bits and bobs they need for a morning of mixed media mayhem!

Many of the "fillings" are easily found at your local dollar store - you may even have some lying around that you can use.

You will need:

* Cellophane bag, or brown paper sandwich bag - use whatever you have around
* A small white sticker
* Black pen
* Sticky tape

To fill:
* Glue (small bottle or stick)

And five or six of any of the following "bits":

* Glitter
* Feathers
* Mini pompoms
* Lollipop sticks
* Matchsticks
* Jewels
* Googly eyes
* Pipe cleaners
* Sheets of stickers

Just fill the bag with your chosen crafty bits (smaller objects like googly eyes and gems might need to go in a smaller bag - perhaps a small pouch made of clear cellophane taped around the edges, or a small snap-lock bag).

Fold the top down and tape at the back.  Write on a label (or make one on your computer) and stick to the front.

I have made eight of these to fill up Miss S's party favour bags for her upcoming 4th birthday party (my previous post about preparing for her party can be found here).

I have a fantastic post coming up on making gorgeous five cent party favour bags, so watch this space!


  1. Man I wish I went to one of Miss S's birthdays when I was a kid. Your goody bags are AWESOME!!

  2. I wish i went to one of miss S's parties now!, can mummy's have a bag to do craft too!

  3. Love the goodie bags! Can't wait to check out all the fun bits and bobs tomorrow when Ash comes home :-)



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