Thursday, August 5, 2010

And with a little frosting...

This morning Master J sat patiently in his highchair so that I could ice the cupcakes I made last night.

I made one batch of butter-based buttercream - as opposed to the shortening-based one I've been using lately.  (Sorry, I don't have a recipe, I just sort of stick unsalted butter, icing sugar, vanilla and a little milk in the Kitchenaid and whizz it up.)

Then I separated the icing into thirds, leaving one white, tinting one pink and adding a couple of tablespoons of cocoa to the other to get a light chocolate buttercream.

A little something for everyone:

Vanilla lines with sprinkles...

Pink Hydrangea...  I used a large star tip and started around the edge, then filled in the middle.

Chocolate swirl with dark choc and caramel drops...

"I defy anyone to look at a cupcake and not smile..."  Anon.


  1. cupcakes look lovely!!
    i'm excited to try your vanilla cupcake recipe. :)

  2. Here from new friend friday.....LOVE those cupcakes - I'm inspired to try this next time I bake some cupcakes!

  3. Thanks! New friend friday has been fun - my first time! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Your cupcakes look so yummy and pretty! I am a new follower through New Friend Friday - I think your blog is great!


  5. You don't need to defy me, you need to give me one! Very pretttty!!!
    Very cute blog :)
    Come say hi and follow me back,



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