Monday, October 25, 2010

Super-quick Conical Goody Bags...

So here was today's challenge.  To make some goody bags for my play group's fancy dress party on Tuesday.

They need to be...

... super fast and easy to make - I need 15-20 of them
... made of things I have lying around (the only money I have for the project is below :)
... in the colour theme of orange, black and white
... just a little bit adorable.

The filling:  Over here chocolate money is Swiss chocolate, and Swiss Francs...

So I rummaged through my cupboards, and pilfered some orange light card from Miss S's art supplies, some ribbon from mine, and found everything else I needed in the walls of the apartment (you say "hoarder" like it's a bad thing...)

To make your own, you will need:

Coloured A4 card
A pencil
Sticky tape and double sided tape
Ribbon - paper or fabric
A hole punch
Tissue paper or a serviette

First make a half-circle template.  I used the template from my previous post on wine glass lanterns.

Draw around it and cut it out.  If you want to decorate it, now's the best time!

Fold in half but only pinch the bottom (on the straight edge).

Bring the edges around to form the cone.  You could adjust the size of the cone here if you have a little or a lot planned for the filling.

On the inside, tape the edge down with a little bit of sticky tape.

Cut a length of double-sided tape and tape the outside flap down.  You could use normal sticky tape for this if you don't have double-sided.

Punch two holes on either side of the cone.

Thread through your ribbon.  For instructions on how to do this so that the "tails" are on the outside, please take a look at my post on the .05c party favour bag.

Sit the cone in a cup to fill it.  Stuff a little tissue down the bottom of the cone and then line it with a square of tissue paper.  I cut a 3-ply black Ikea paper serviette into quarters and then peeled apart the layers giving me 12 squares.

Fill with whatever you like!



Thanks so much for your comments - I really appreciate them!

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