Monday, December 13, 2010

Bauble cards and tags...

This was one of my early Christmas crafts for this year!  Life has thrown me some curved balls in the last few weeks, so now it's not so early, but being that it is so simple, they could definitely be made and sent in time for Christmas still.

This bauble card is quick to make, (especially if you have some circle craft punches) and I think the stitching adds some texture and makes it just a little bit special.

You will need:

* A blank white greeting card
* Glue stick
* Decorative paper in 2-3 different but complimentary patterns/ colours
* Circle craft punches: One large (3" in diameter), one medium (2"), and one small (1"), and one 1/2", or  you can draw around circlular objects like a glass, or lid of your glue stick and cut out.
* A sewing machine, threaded with your chosen thread, (bobbin should be the colour of your card ie: white).  You could also hand sew if you don't have a machine.
* A few sequins
* Pencil, ruler & eraser

First, cut out your circles using your craft punches (or by hand).

Play around with where they will go on the card until you are happy with their position.  I like them to go just below the horizontal halfway mark as shown.  Also play around with your sequins until you are happy with the design, then glue it all down.
Tip:  For gluing the sequins you can use the sequin to gouge out a "blop" of gluestick - this will help it stick properly.

Draw a faint pencil line from the middle of each bauble to the top of the card with your ruler.

With your sewing machine and using a reasonably long straight stitch, sew from the top of the card down to the top of each bauble.  Tie the topstitch and bobbin threads together then trim them to about an inch.

Erase any visible pencil lines.

Tie a little bow out of the thread and attach to the top of the large bauble with a little blop of glue stick as you did for the sequins.

And here are a few other variations:

Horizontal placement...

Three little baubles all in a row...

You can use the circle cutters to make super-quick bauble tags too...

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you're doing during this lead-up to Christmas time that you are enjoying it!  


  1. what gorgeous cards! I've got a circle cutter that I use all the time so will have a go at these, i've even got that pink art deco style craft paper you used in the top pics! thanks for the ideas :)

  2. Oh great! I can't buy Cristina Re papers here, so I used my last pieces - will have to pick a whole lot up when I'm over next! x

  3. They look lovely! Something even I might be able to do! ;)

  4. These are beautiful! Really love the designs and the paper is divine. So clever...



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