Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple Christmas tree cupcakes, and a little party...

Today we had a Christmas party for the kids in our local English-speaking playgroup which I facilitate.

I made some cupcakes last night and decided to keep the decorating simple since it was my birthday and I really didn't want to spend all night in the kitchen!

I made some of my simple cupcakes, and buttercream, which I tinted green.    I piped on swirls of the buttercream using a large star tip.  This was a really easy way to create "Christmas trees" because you only needed one shade of icing.  All twenty cupcakes only took me about thirty minutes to decorate.

I cut out some yellow stars from some yellow fondant that I had left over from the Lightning McQueen cake for the top of the "trees".

Then a few sprinkles on top for the baubles and they were all done.

... and then they were all gone!

The kids had a great time - the food went down a treat, and we even managed a craft activity.  We made the "Reindeer food" that I saw on one of my favourite blogs, which was was a free printable from this blog.  The kids loved it, although the oats went everywhere!

What have you been baking and making for Christmas - I'd love to know!

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