Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mum's Kitchen...

I just got back from an amazing three weeks in New Zealand and one of the things I enjoy most when I go home is just hanging out in the kitchen with my mum.

Icecream-in-a-cone cupcakes - see below for details.

This trip was no exception.  I also offered to bring some cupcakes to a friend's little girl's party, so there was a little baking to be done in addition to the evening meals.

The photo at the top was my mum's amazing passata which she made by slow-roasting tomatoes from her garden with onions, garlic, peppers and herbs and then whizzed it up in her trusty Cuisinart.  I loved the colours so much I said "stop!  Let's take a photo!".  We started having so much fun taking photos of the food... here are some more...

Slow-roasted warm vege salad...

Fresh herbs from the garden to make...

...Garlic and herb pide...

Miss S's "Funny Chicken" (Chicken cooked on a hooded BBQ over a can of beer).

I found these really cute scallop-edged cupcake cases in NZ and used my easy vanilla cupcake recipe to make the cupcakes for little Gabby who was turning 4!  

The ones in the little scalloped patty pans were destined to be "Strawberries and cream" cupcakes, so I bought a little red and green fondant and moulded some little strawberries to sit atop the vanilla buttercream swirl.  Mmmmmmm....

For the icecream-in-a-cone cupcakes, I made twelve mini cupcakes then peeled the cupcake cases off.  I put each one in a flat-bottomed icecream cone, piped a swirl of buttercream on top and topped them off with sprinkles and wafers (actually I forgot to take the wafers on the day, how annoying!)

If you want to make them, I would suggest that you sandwich the cupcake into the cone with some buttercream as one or two did fall over en-route and the cupcakes fell out, squishing the icing.  Nevermind though, squished or not, they went down a treat!

LM x


  1. I've read that you can bake the cupcakes directly in the cones. I've never tried it myself though.

  2. I'll have to look into that! I saw the idea in a book years ago but couldn't remember how to make them, so I had to improvise. Baking them straight into the cones would be wonderful - it took me a while to find the right cones and cupcake cases to match each other. :)

  3. Hi there....we made the icecream cone cakes at school the other day..the most weirdest thing I have ever seen. Need to have a taste test. Love your kiwi cookies. Yum!
    Feeling home sick now.



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