Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first two softies...

Here are my first two softies for the "Softies for Christchurch" collection.

I have a few others cut out and a few almost finished (including a robot which I am hoping will work out as I am just sort of making it up as I go along!)  These two are all done though.  Hoping to send the lot off later this week.

The knitted bunny has caused quite a bit of grief this week as he is almost identical to my son's precious "Dookie", the rabbit I knitted him just before he was born.  I used the same pattern and almost the same colour wool, so I've had to hide "Dookie II" to protect him from the kind of treatment the other one gets :)

If you're making softies for Christchurch I hope it's going well - I'd love to hear about what you've been making!

6 March:  Just in case anyone was wondering about the patterns I used, I used a Patons pattern that came as part of a kit, which is available online in several stores and should be in most knitting supplies stores that stock Patons products.  I used the beautiful Sublime Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend in shade "Pebble" that I used previously for my newborn hat and mits project.  The gingham bunny was a free downloadable pattern from here.


  1. How beautiful! These are just so lovely. I can see why your son would want that bunny for himself, I want one too!

  2. Wow! I so want that knitted bunny! My two children both have bunnies from birth, but they are cloth fabric ones. Your softies are gorgeous.

  3. your bunnies are GORGEOUS! I be they're going to make children very happy. I have made an elephant and am trying to get up some inspiration to make a couple of other softies- its such a good cause to support.

  4. Oh they are adorable!!! You are so clever and generous.
    Softies are starting to arrive here and Im going to start posting some pictures of them this week. Every softie is so special and its so heartwarming.

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