Monday, April 18, 2011

The Kiwi Party Cake...

Well, it's time to enjoy some sun with my kids now that Master J's Kiwi party cake is finished!

I really enjoyed making this cake, which was the cover cake from this book which my bestie gave me while I was back in NZ.  So many great ideas in there - enough to keep my kids satisfied (and me up to my eyeballs in fondant) for many years to come.

I slightly modified the colours of the design to incorporate the colour scheme of the party a little more - black, white and green.  I also modified a couple of the book's (wonderful) instructions - I didn't make the kiwi out of mini muffins (I took the top 5cm off my very tall cake and used that), and also made the mini cake and presents out of solid fondant instead of using mini muffins (and therefore I didn't have to worry about thinning and straining apricot jam etc).

The board is covered in black fondant and features my usual "child is *insert age*" phrase which is pure laziness as I really should do the whole "Happy Birthday" thing, but it always seems so long :).

The cake is finished off with edible spray shellac which gives the cake a lovely sheen.  Oh, edible spray shellac, how I love thee!

Tomorrow's the big day.  I think I'll have nightmares tonight about dropping the cake!


  1. Awww well done Rach! Looks amazing! You must be really looking forward to the party! Wish we could be there. xxoo

  2. Wowee! That cake is incredible! Looks absolutely perfect. What a lucky little boy... Happy Birthday Jethro!

  3. Hi! Your cake and cupcakes look AMAZING! So impressive! I was just wondering where you found a good recipe for fondant? And to get the brown colour...did you just mix food colours? I seem to only find red and yellow colours here in Migros & Coop. Hope you're enjoying a more relaxed afternoon there :)

  4. Hi Remaliah,

    Thanks for your comment :). I have to admit I don't make my own fondant. I probably will start if I do too many more cakes since buying fondant here in CH is very expensive. I get all my fondant and cake decorating supplies from They have a pretty good selection, and I nearly always find what I'm looking for there.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    LM x

  5. Thank you so much. I'm sorry, I only just saw your reply. I will keep that website in mind for the future! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend away with your family!




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