Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mad on Toadstools...

Since deciding on a theme for Miss S's fifth birthday party (In the Enchanted Forest), I have, I must admit, become a little bit obsessed with toadstools.

It started innocently with a watercolour/ ink painting I did for her invitation...

Then I realised how much fun those toadstools were to draw and how much I love anything with spots.  Then we went to the Black Forest in Germany for our Easter holiday and I purchased a pair of handmade wooden toadstools for Miss S as a souvenir of our holiday (pictured above).

And speaking of things with spots, Miss S who is currently suffering from a rather bad case of chickenpox came up to me on saturday and sadly said "noone has sent me a get well soon card".  My heart just about broke since she herself always makes get well soon card for all her friends whenever they are poorly.  So I made this one for her, with toadstools, of course, and left it black and white so she could colour it in herself.

Then as my obsession developed, I decided to go to Etsy and type in "Toadstools" into their search field and see what came up.  I ended up buying the following three items and just thought I would share them with you since they are so adorable.

Wedding  -  Name Card - Menu Holder - Photo Stand - Party Favor - SET OF 10 Wedding  -  Name Card - Menu Holder - Photo Stand - Party Favor - SET OF 10

Red and White Fairy Toadstools Cross Stitch Pattern

LM x


  1. Oh GORGEOUS! WHat amazing ideas you have!

    I did my daughter a party last year and also become obsessed with toadstools!!
    I even whipped up some toadstool cushions for them to play musical cushions on... and some little toadstool savouries... since then I have been making lots of little toadstool things.
    Here's the link to my party if you want to have a looksie :)

  2. Sooo lovely post ! Thank you very much for including my creations.You are very sweet ♥

  3. Hi

    We are all missing Miss S at KC and hope she feels much better soon!

  4. Oh, that little invitation is absolutely divine! Not to mention the Get Well card. I can't wait to see the rest of your party ideas and see it all come to life on the big day. What a beautiful theme. And thanks for your kind comments about the Tea Bag cookies!



Thanks so much for your comments - I really appreciate them!

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