Friday, July 1, 2011

Enchanted Forest Cupcakes...

Well, it's less than 24 hours until the big event (my daughter's 5th birthday party, that is).  I have just finished decorating the cupcakes, so I thought I might share a few pics of them.

These were made using (from the bottom to the top), chocolate cupcakes, chocolate buttercream, grated dark chocolate (for the "dirt"), vanilla buttercream tinted green, and then the toadstool toppers I made and blogged about recently.

For these butterfly ones I made the toppers using gumpaste (also called flower paste).  This is an edible modelling clay that dries hard. 

I cut them out using an embossing cutter, then when dry I painted them with a mix of Wilton gel and vodka.  When the paint was dry I dusted it with white shimmer dust.  The pink buttercream is also tinted with pink shimmer dust.

To get the butterflies to dry in a "v", I made a contraption out of cardboard which I covered in tin foil - it was my dad's design (a quick trouble-shooting skype session!), and it worked really well.

Really looking forward to the party, but still a lot to do - including finishing the cake!

LM x



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