Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss S's Enchanted Forest Party...

My sweet little girl turned five today.   Here are some photos from the party we had yesterday - I hope you enjoy them!

I painted this mural on the window to create the feeling of being in a forest (and to echo the invites).

On the morning of the party I raced around the communal garden in stealth with a pair of scissors and cut some greenery to decorate the table.  The toadstool placename-holders were purchased from Etsy - details in this post.

Don't tell the local forest authorities about my pillaging of tree stumps etc...

Then the guests arrived and were offered summer fruit pots...

...before we commenced the games, including a treasure hunt in the communal garden of our apartment block...

... and while the kids were occupied with Mr Muck in the garden, it was time to bring the food to the table...

...including the cake...

...and marshmallow/ apple "marshrooms", amongst other things...

...and all this food inevitably bought Master J to the table...

...and all of Miss S's friends too.

Candles were inserted into the cake (gasp!), ready for...

...singing happy birthday, and blowing out the candles.

The party favours were forest critters in jam jars.


...and five years ago today, this was her and I. <3


  1. oh that last photo is so lovely. what a gorgeous party, love the theme and all the amazing things you made :)

  2. Ditto Megan! The last picture was a really nice touch!

  3. Oh wow, that party looks SO cool!!! What fun!! I love the apple/marshmallow mushrooms...they look great for kids :) Very impressed! :)

  4. you are sooo amazing, I just love what you have done!!! I have been spreading your website like crazy on my facebook! here in NZ! You are one talented lady!! :-) you should definitely bring out a book!!

  5. Thanks everyone... And thanks for all your enthusiasm Louise - I'd LOVE to put out a book, but not quite sure how I'd go about that... Maybe one day in the future :)

  6. Yes definitely agree with a book. You have so much style. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your birthday parties. Absolutely beautiful and stunning. Will definitely be using your ideas in the future. I adore those toadstools and of course that cake, damn I love everything!!!

  7. I absolutely ADORE all of this. Such inspiring ideas and a lovely theme. So beautifully put together. Well done! I am in awe and the first and last photos are such treasures. Such a beautiful daughter you have, and such a wonderful Mama you are!

    Just wondering, what are the paints you use for decorating the window? I'd love to give that a go!

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your lovely comment :). I just used normal acrylic poster paint to paint the window mural. Once it is dry you can spray it with some window cleaner and it comes off really easy. You can do a little experimentation with painting and removing it from your window just to be sure. Simple, but such a good way to get some decoration in a room for a party, or just for fun on your kid's bedroom window :).

    LM x

  9. Adorable! Love all the details - especially the mushrooms! genius!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  10. I just happened upon your site and I am thrilled. What you do is wonderful , you are a creative genius AND a mummy of 3 just fantastic! My creativity always surpasses my actual skill level so thank you so much for your tutorials and explanations. I have an enchanted forest party coming up as a joint birthday for my 3yr old daughter and 1yr old son ( their birthdays are within days of each other so seemed to make sense) and I am loving taking inspiration from all your lovely ideas. So thank you

  11. What did you stick the apple marshmallow mushroom sticks into? Is that a paper tray?

  12. What a fabulous party! I have shared this on my Magical Things Fairy Day Roundup post.

  13. Simply adorable! Wish I had the patience for such detail.



Thanks so much for your comments - I really appreciate them!

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