Monday, August 15, 2011

A Butterfly Baby Shower Cake...

I really enjoyed making the butterflies for Miss S's birthday cake this year, and shortly after I had this idea for a baby shower cake for a friend of mine.

I had seen a few images around of the "butterflies swirling around the cake" genre, and I really liked the idea.  Most attractive though was the knowledge that this cake would be fairly simple, and it was - taking about four hours all up, including the baking of the cake, making the butterflies and assembling it all together.

I baked two 16cm chocolate cakes, trimmed the domes and sandwiched them together with a good dollop of chocolate buttercream.  I then crumb-coated the cakes, chilled them down and then iced them with a top coat of the buttercream.

I tinted the fondant a dusky pink, covered the cake in it and then used a little royal icing to stick the butterflies on.

The little butterflies were made with gumpaste and an embossing cutter and were left to dry in a "v" shape using this little device I made from cardboard and tin-foil for Miss S's butterflies.  I dusted them with a little white shimmer dust once they were dry.

It was a fun, stress-free cake to make, and it went down a treat at the shower.

LM x


  1. Looks gorgeous, almost too good to eat! Well done :o)

  2. So pretty! Well done, it looks absolutely beautiful

  3. What a gorgeous cake!
    I plan on doing something similar for a friends little girl, any tips on transporting the cake?

  4. Hi,

    Transporting cakes can cause a few headaches! This cake is quite tall (you don't have to make it as tall of course), so I couldn't fit it in any of my cake carriers. Instead I just put quite a good amount of royal icing on the base of the cake to stick it to the cake stand.

    I would recommend transporting this kind of cake with the help of a friend who can hold it carefully while you drive - it's really a two person job! Alternatively if you use a normal cake board to display it instead of a pedestal cake stand, (a cake board will give it much more stability). Then you can transport it much easier if you have to take it on your own.

    Good luck and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    LM x



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