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... A Handmade Christmas Giveaway!

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This is my 100th post!  To celebrate I have been working on a hand-made Christmas prize-pack to give away to a reader.

The gift pack includes:

* 8 red crocheted stars
* 8 white crocheted snowflakes
* 1 x 1m length of hand-crocheted ric-rac in red
* 1 x 1m length of hand-crocheted ric-rac in green
* 1 x 1m length of hand-crocheted ric-rac in white
* Double-sided Christmas fabric bunting (2.4m length)
* 1 x 40 x 40cm Christmas patchwork cushion cover (to match the bunting)
* Postage to anywhere in the world where the winner lives!

More details and photos of the prize pack are below, but first here's how to enter:

All you have to do is leave a comment on the post below, and tell me what you are wishing for this Christmas.  Entries close at midday here in Switzerland, Monday 5th December (GMT+1). The winner will be selected shortly after by, or by Miss S drawing a name out of a hat :).

Entries from anywhere in the world are accepted, but any entry which is made where entrant is "anonymous" and leaves no contact details will be void, and won't be included in the draw.  This means you must log in to leave a comment (so I can contact you via blogger), or if you wish to post "anonymously", please include your email address like this:  "me(at)myemail(dot)com".

Good luck!

LM x


Details of the prize-pack:

The snowflakes I made using this great tutorial from the blog Attic24.  Both the snowflakes and stars are made from 100% cotton yarn and have been blocked and gently starched.   Watch this space as I will do a tutorial on how to crochet the stars - they are very easy and a satisfying evening project.  I have actually crocheted over 30 of them in the last week as they are also going on all my Christmas gifts this year.  Both the snowflakes and the stars have a loop attached so are ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree, stringing along a garland or swag, decorating presents, or you can snip the loop and applique them on to a garment or sewing project.  Lots of uses!

The ric-rac I made using this tutorial from the blog Foxs Lane.  Again, it is 100% cotton and each strand is 1m, although you can stretch it to about 1.2m.  It's perfect for draping on the tree, making into a garland, wrapping presents or you can sew it on to your projects in the same way you would normal ric-rac.  Note: because it is made using one continuous strand of cotton yarn, you cannot cut it without it unravelling.  If you want to cut it, you will need to immediately sew the cut ends to avoid unravelling.

The patchwork cushion cover is made from printed cotton and on the back features three of my Grandmother's vintage buttons with crocheted loop fastenings.  It will fit any 40 x 40cm cushion inner and looks good whichever way around you place it.

The bunting is double-sided so can be hung in a window and enjoyed from both sides.  My idea was that you could create a little Christmas book reading corner with the cushion and the bunting.  Just add a basket of your favourite Christmas picture books, and you have a really cute space for some serious Christmas relaxing!

LM x


  1. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!! I'm so impressed! Congratulations on your 100th post also :) I love the Christmas corner idea. Actually, I just made a little corner for the girls here in the living room with cushions and had the reading corner in mind, so it will work perfectly :) Have a great week over there on the other side of Switzerland!

  2. Congratulations on the 100th post. Here's to the next 100! Who wouldn't want to win this prize?! In answer to your question: this Christmas I am wishing for snow otherwise our xmas holiday in Austria is going to be a bit dull ;)

  3. Congrats on your 100th post!! I am wishing for my holiday baking to go smoothly! Here's to many more posts!

  4. Hi Rach! What a gorgeous Christmas giveaway. Particularly love the crochet stars! I am wishing for a little person who sleeps away from home as well as my new mint green lipstick which has been ordered but I can't have till Christmas!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! You are soo talented! I am wishing for a happy holiday period last year I ended up in hospital losing our baby and got out on Christmas eve so this year is very important to us as a family :o)

  6. wow this is an absolutely gorgeous giveaway and I love the idea of a little reading spot curled up reading christmas books. Every christmas I usually get a nice scented candle so I'm wishing for another one this year.

  7. I'm wishing that none of my Christmas ornaments will break during our move (about ten days before Christmas). I have ones that date back to my first Christmas -- Humpty Dumpty finally broke about ten years ago, and what the king's horses and men couldn't do, glue did. He looks quite botched, and I love all the memories. I suppose that's what I wish for most of all this Christmas -- joyful memories of Christmases past (it will be the first one without my mom, who passed away in June) and making more joyful memories with my kids.

  8. I'm wishing for a camera bag for my camera that I got last Christmas, so I can feel safe about taking it out of the house!

  9. Good health! Last Christmas was a diaster as I got sick before Christmas, went to the Dr then had a reaction to the drugs! The whole thing was a blur and I was so disappointed. It has to be better this year!!

  10. This Christmas I'm wishing for a lovely day with a big extended family Christmas (there will be about 90 of us!) and that everyone has fun and travels safely. This is an amazing giveaway! You've gone to so much work!

  11. Beautiful! I'm wishing for sunshine! :)

  12. Wow what a beautiful and generous giveaway! Congratulations on 100 posts, here's to the next 100!
    I'm wishing for some Love Christchurch earrings to go with the beautiful pendant which I recently got.
    (P.S. I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog at the moment which would be great for homesick kiwi's!)

  13. Congratulations on your 100th post!! Wowser what an achievement! Well done you.
    My wish for Christmas is to spend time with my bestie & her family and have a lurvly dinner at "The Engine Room" with said Bestie, and our hubby's ofcourse!! ..... Oh and "world peace"

  14. What gorgeous items! This Christmas I am wishing for some relaxation!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  15. Congratulations on 100 posts! I'm wishing to have all my wonderful family around me this Christmas, and for a gorgeous sunny day to celebrate.

  16. Beautiful giveaway and congratulations for your 100th post.

    This is a bit embarrassing to say in public but this Christmas, I wish to get pregnant for the first time :)


  17. What a beautiful package, you are very talented! And congrats on 100 posts.

    This will sound crazy, but I'm wishing for cooler weather so we can sit outside and enjoy watching the kids run around instead of being stuck inside with the air con pumping!

  18. Firstly - congrats on 100 posts!
    Secondly - what an amazingly awesome prize! Such lovely goodies!
    My Christmas wish is quite a simple one really - to have a quiet relaxing Christmas with my husband and baby boy and take time to think back on the highlights of 2011 and look forward to what I wish to achieve in 2012.
    Merry Christmas :-)

  19. I can't tell you how happy I am I found your blog via mousehouse. Congratulations on the 100th post, and what a fantastic giveaway you have put together as celebration! Love the rick rack, had not seen crochet rick rack before, but would use the white one as trim on a sailor's hat I am planning on making. Beautiful bunting fabric too! This christmas will be my boy's first, and the first in our new home. I am wishing for a good omen.

  20. Merry Christmas to you too.
    Congrats on your 100 post and I wish you many more years of successful and happy blogging. Thanks for sharing with us your giveaway. My Christmas wish for this year is that 2012 will be easier because this year has been hard on us.

  21. wow, what a gorgeous giveaway!! That ric-rac is absolutely gorgeous.
    I am wishing for a miracle that we can find a way to go to NZ for Christmas... or a New Year with lots of happy moments!

  22. This give-away is wonderful!
    That bunting is just about perfect!!
    And don't get me started on that pillow...

    This Christmas I'm wishing for cosy family fun and lots of laughter to go with it.

    Wishing you a great Christmas too.

  23. I so admire the hand crocheted ricrac and the fabrics on the cushion and bunting is beautiful. I wish for a Christmas day with no earthquakes!

  24. Great giveaway Rach and congrats on your 100th post!

    This Christmas I am wishing for a healthy pregnancy and baby and for good health for my family.

  25. Beautiful christmas giveaway!
    I'm wishing for a great family Christmas, and for my 1 year old daughter to LOVE the day.
    gabbies at woosh dot co dot nz

  26. I've just stumbled across your site via Pinterest and am loving it. Christmas wish? A great day of remembering the reasons for the season, and everything green and red! When else do you do these colours together!!! This is a ridiculously generous offer...thank you! I'm looking forward to the day when I have more time to return the favour to the blogosphere! Merry Christmas! jodiejessup(at)gmail(dot)com

  27. I wish I was as talented as you but that is not my Christmas wish. That is that my mum is well enough to come visit and celebrate Amber's 2nd birthday with us in Switzerland :-D

  28. I'm wishing for this giveaway! j/k ok no I'm not, you are so talented. And congrats on 100 posts!!! I've been wishing for plane tickets to Zurich from Santa, know anyone that could put a word in for me? ;)

  29. I am ishing for a full nights sleep. Selfish I know but I hve a baby s it is what every mother with a baby wants, oh and just so I don't appear too selfish, I'll also wish for the beauty pagent favourite of world peace.

  30. Congratulation on your 100 post and here's to many more!
    After an emotional roller coaster I've been on for the last few weeks, I wish I can be as good of a friend to all the wonderful people who offered support when I needed it most.

  31. Hi there,

    Just dropping by to tell you that you are one of the lucky winners of my sticktiki giveaway. Please email me with your choice of stickytiny and your address and I will make sure that your prize is sent out to you. Thanks for entering, I hope you enjoy your prize!

  32. I am wishing for an enjoyable day celebrating with all our family who will be visiting from NZ - oh and maybe a new handbag :-)

  33. Well, after 2 years in the sun I wish for a white christmas with my two girls and husband. Presentwise I do not need anything, I am just happy to see the happy faces when the kids are opening their presents, that is just priceless and you can not ask for a more magic moment.
    Rachel, well done, I am very impressed with your work
    - Nina H. -

  34. Love it! Love it! Love it! As it's one of our busiest times of the year - for it go swimmingly - oh & like George - world peace! lol - Suze



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