Friday, May 27, 2011

Appliqued Toadstool Onsie...

My very dear friend George is having a baby sometime in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to send something for the baby in a newborn size.

Not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl yet, I chose to applique a kimono-style onsie with this toadstool design.

I drew the toadstool pattern (still obsessing about toadstools!)  on to some paper and cut it out, then used it to cut out the pieces from fabric. I appliqued the pieces to the onsie using hand applique (you could machine applique this easily too).

I also made a little tag using the same applique pattern to cut out the toadstool from fabric and glue-stick to stick all the pieces down to a small piece of light cardboard.

If you want to know some more about hand applique there are some great tutorials around on Youtube and on other blogs.  Here are a couple of videos from Youtube that show the method I use - the needle turn method.  There are other methods around including one which uses freezer paper and spray starch, which I am going to try.

I want to wish my friend Georgie a safe and swift delivery and I can't wait to hear if the baby is a girl or boy - I have some other crafty plans in store for him or her :).

LM x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"At the Cafe" Felt Playmats...

This week I had the privilege of putting together a craft column for a local parenting magazine "Mothering Matters".  I decided that since I get many visits to my site from people searching "ideas for felt mats", I would add another felt mat to my collection (my previous posts on felt mats can be seen here and here).

This is a great craft because not only do you and your child design and make it together, but the finished product is a fantastic toy that can be played with again and again.  It is also light and portable meaning it's great for travel.

The finished mats showing all the pieces that Miss S and I made together...

To make a café feltmat you will need:

* 2 pieces of felt each about the size of a piece of printer paper
* Felt pieces and scraps in various colours and sizes
* Sharp scissors, ink pen and ruler
* Various circular objects to draw around - small bowl, spice jars etc
* A ziplock bag or drawstring bag to keep all the pieces in

Begin by making a set of plates.  On to some white or cream felt draw around a bowl that is approximately 12cm (4 & 1/2") in diameter and cut them out.

You can make a frying pan or saucepan by using the same bowl to cut out a circle from dark grey felt, and then a long, slender rectangle for the handle.

You can create a stovetop as above using a piece of black felt with red or pink circles for elements and white circles for the dials.  Now that your kitchen is ready, it's time to design the menu!  When you've settled on your menu, you can begin to cut out pieces.

Miss S and I made the following pieces (and found that many of them were very interchangeable):

* Hamburgers (light brown circles for the buns, dark brown circle for patty, yellow square for cheese, green squiggly shape for lettuce, red circles for tomatoes)
* Sandwiches (we made a piece of pink ham, cucumber slices and re-used the fillings from the hamburger)

* Tacos (large yellow circle with a combo of hamburger fillings and pizza toppings)
* Pizza (cream circular base + toppings - Miss S also uses the pizza base as a crêpe)
* French Fries
* Bacon and eggs
* Salad (re-uses the lettuce, tomato and some of the pizza toppings)

* Cupcakes (with separate bases, interchangeable icing & cherries)  
* Fruit salad (We cut out some orange segments and grapes to add to the pineapple and cherries)

You may be confident to go ahead and just cut the pieces yourself freehand, but if you'd like to use templates, here are a couple (you may have to enlarge or shrink the images on a photocopier):

To make multiples of one shape you can cut the first out and when you're happy with it, just place it on the felt and cut around it as many times as you need to.  

To make the frilly "fancy" lettuce, cut a circle from green felt, slightly bigger than you want your piece of lettuce to be. Now cut around the circle, going in and out, to make it into more of a random shape.  Using the tip of your scissors cut about 5mm into the shape, at 1cm intervals all around it's edge.  Where these cuts are, use your fingers to pull the cut further apart, stretching the felt.

To make the cherries, just cut a small, slightly flattened circle out of red felt and then cut a small triangle out of the top of it.

You can also cut out a variety of other geometrical shapes in various colours so that your child can make all kinds of pictures.

When they've finished you can sandwich all the pieces between your two felt mats, roll it up and store in a zip-lock, or drawstring bag.  

LM x


I linked this project up here:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giveaway! "Look what I made" May...

This giveaway is now closed.  Please scroll down to see who won!

Well, it's time for another giveaway, but this time I thought it would be nice to see what my readers have been up to lately!

So, I have a $100USD gift card up for grabs.  All you have to do is go over to my facebook page, become a liker (if you're not already), and upload a picture to my wall of something you've made- something that you're really proud of.  Be sure to include a line or two about the project with the photo!

You may enter up to three times if you wish, if you have more than one project you'd like to share.

I will give each picture a number according to the order in which they appear on the wall, and then a winner will be chosen at random using  

Be sure to go and check out other people's wall posts and 'like" and comment on their pictures - it's always nice to get a little encouragement!

Draw will be made on the 31st of May and the winner will be notified through Facebook.

Good luck!!!

LM x

PS - this giveaway is available to all my readers regardless of location.


And the winner is:

Entry #7 - Lisa Walter's Cross Stitch!  Congratulations Lisa - I will be in touch with you via facebook to deliver your voucher to you.

Thank you for all your entries - I was so impressed with what you've been up to - and I've added some more ideas to my list, inspired by you, of course!

LM x

Mad on Toadstools...

Since deciding on a theme for Miss S's fifth birthday party (In the Enchanted Forest), I have, I must admit, become a little bit obsessed with toadstools.

It started innocently with a watercolour/ ink painting I did for her invitation...

Then I realised how much fun those toadstools were to draw and how much I love anything with spots.  Then we went to the Black Forest in Germany for our Easter holiday and I purchased a pair of handmade wooden toadstools for Miss S as a souvenir of our holiday (pictured above).

And speaking of things with spots, Miss S who is currently suffering from a rather bad case of chickenpox came up to me on saturday and sadly said "noone has sent me a get well soon card".  My heart just about broke since she herself always makes get well soon card for all her friends whenever they are poorly.  So I made this one for her, with toadstools, of course, and left it black and white so she could colour it in herself.

Then as my obsession developed, I decided to go to Etsy and type in "Toadstools" into their search field and see what came up.  I ended up buying the following three items and just thought I would share them with you since they are so adorable.

Wedding  -  Name Card - Menu Holder - Photo Stand - Party Favor - SET OF 10 Wedding  -  Name Card - Menu Holder - Photo Stand - Party Favor - SET OF 10

Red and White Fairy Toadstools Cross Stitch Pattern

LM x
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