Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Diorama Cake...

My friend Emma called me on the wednesday before the Diamond Jubilee.  If she was to bake a cake, could I possibly make it into a Corgi?  Hmmmm.  I looked around at some Corgi cakes online and came to the conclusion that it would be a little bit ambitious, and I would probably end up making something completely unappetizing (slice of small, possessed-looking dog, anyone?)

But Corgis are cute, and very much a symbol of the Queen.  So I had a think, and sketched some ideas.  It was then that I came up with this "diorama" cake design, and I got very excited.

The last cake I made was for my son and featured some dinosaurs that I painted onto cut-out pieces of gumpaste (you can see the cake here).  I really enjoyed making those dinosaurs and found the painting-on-hard-icing technique not too difficult. 

So I picked some symbols, found some pictures online to work from, and set about making and painting the different pieces.

 The corgis are from this cross stitch pattern which I had just stitched for a friend 
after seeing it featured in Mollie Makes magazine.

I used Mexican paste for the flag, crest and corgis as it dries super hard.  I made the Mexican paste myself (so easy!!) using this recipe.  I rolled it out to about 4mm thick, placed the pictures on it and cut around with a sharp knife. 

To mark out the details of each picture I laid the pic on top of the paste and poked through lightly with a clean pin.

I then filled in the colours using Wilton colour paste mixed with vodka and a very fine paint brush.  When the paint was dry, I went round the outlines with an edible black pen.  

I secured toothpicks to the back of the corgis and crest by using a small piece of mexican paste laid over the toothpick and stuck down with a little cool, boiled water.  For the Union Jack I used kebab skewers as it needed to stand higher than the other figures.

Then to assemble I crumb coated the cake, iced it with buttercream and then with white fondant.  I then drew the bunting flags on with edible black pen and filled them in with food colouring "paint".

And here is a rare pic of me cutting the cake in my red and blue finery.  Usually I prefer to be behind the camera!

Did you celebrate the Diamond Jubliee?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Incredible! Love the corgis, you are oh so talented! Have referenced your blog on my facebook page, hope you dont mind.

  2. Thank you Zoe! I love Corgis too, now :). And thanks for the reference on your FB page... I count it a privilege!

    LM x



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