Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick and fun for kids: Apple Toadstools...

Miss S has a fantastic Kindergarten teacher.  She is a very creative lady, and she likes to wow the kids with her fruit and vegetable carving.

Today Miss S came home with her little apple made into a toadstool.  She wanted to show me, and as soon as she had, she promptly ate it.  I'm so glad she waited  - she knows her mother - and I immediately had to have a go at it myself.

The base of her one was square, but I decided to make mine round.

So, pick an apple, get a round scone/cookie cutter and a sharp knife.  Oh, and half a lemon if you have it.

The base of the apple is the top of the mushroom.  With the apple right-way-up, push the scone cutter about halfway through the apple, as though coring it.

Then slice away the remainder of the base by making a horizontal cut around the middle of the apple.  You should feel the "ring" coming away.

Lift away the apple ring left.  Squeeze some lemon juice onto your board and, with your finger, coat the cut part of the apple (this prevents it from turning brown).  If your apple has a stem, twist it off.

Cut circles into the top of the "toadstool" using the sharp point of a knife.  Slide the tip of the knife under the skin and rotate the apple to make a circle.  Coat the circles with a bit of lemon juice.

I think these would be great for a kid's birthday party, or just as a neat surprise in their lunchbox.



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