Saturday, September 15, 2012


A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

Wow, where did July go?  And for that matter, August?  Life here in the Muck household has been a blur of sleep deprived nights, travelling, visitors and the school year start, with a little smattering of creativity wedged in the gaps.  I'm discovering that you have to make the most of those tiny gaps when there is a baby in the house.

...and speaking of babies in the house, this one is now six months old!

So I apologise for the lack of posts recently, but here are some of the little bits and bobs I've been up to.

You may remember the invitations to my daughter's cake decorating party.  The party went well, with six girls turning up for some cake and cupcake decoration fun.  My mother was visiting at the time and got roped into actualizing my over-ambitious ideas.  She was so gracious about it all.  Here's a few pics:

We made tissue pom-poms one evening over (several) cups of tea...

We sewed these aprons for the girls out of oil cloth.  I took a pattern from another apron I had that I knew fitted Miss S well. 

I made these little signs for each girl so they could identify their cupcakes and cakes to take home.  I just used a little ball of fondant in a cupcake case to poke the signs into.

Buttercream in various colours and with various tips.  I can recommend tying the end of the bags with ribbon for this age group - so much less mess!

...the birthday girl with one of her creations...

The girls played "pin the cherry on the cupcake".  

I painted the cupcake onto an old notice board and made the cherries by painting them onto thick cardboard, cutting them out, painting them over with PVA glue for a bit of extra strength, and adding a toothpick to the back of the stalk to stop it from snapping off.


And then over to August, I volunteered to do face-painting for a friend's daughters' birthday party.  In anticipation of this I managed to convince my two older kids to be my models so I could practice.  Master J will not let his face be touched (he apparently has very ticklish cheeks and it stresses him out!), so I had to practice on his arm.  The practice and the party were both a huge amount of fun! 

Here are some of my practice rounds...


Lightning McQueen



And lastly, I decorated this itty bitty cake for a friend for her birthday.  The bottom layer was about 12 cm wide.

I promise to provide you with some more cohesive/ project-based posts soon.  I'm working on an early Christmas project amongst other things.  Watch this space!


  1. Wow you most certainly have been busy!! It would be great if you could put up the pattern for the aprons, I would love to whip one up for my daughter. The tissue pom-poms are such a great idea, they look very effective. Were they difficult to construct? Also I must commend you on that cake! It looks truly fabulous. Would love to see a tutorial for that one.


  2. So many beautiful creations! I can't believe you did all this with a (gorgeous!) baby under 6 months old! Amazing. Your daughters party looks so sweet and that face painting looks so professional ~ Well done!



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