Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween: Pretty Paper Pumpkin Party Favours

Autumn is in full-swing here in Switzerland and it's time to think about some of those lovely Autumn traditions that my kids and I love.  It's also school holidays as well, so a bit of crafting is always in order!

These super-sweet little pumpkins are easy to make out of very basic materials and are perfect for handing out at your Halloween party - or, unfilled - perfect little decorations for your Autumn table.

I have to admit that I pilfered my daughter's idea for this craft.  This morning Miss S (6) met me out of the shower with a tray of pumpkins that she had made (pictured above). She loves to grab paper and just cut and fold and stick until it looks like something (wonder where she gets that from!).  I was so proud and my first thought was, let's make these into favours (I had to veto her "putting a candle in it" idea for obvious reasons!)

So, to make a pretty paper pumpkin you will need:

* 1 A4 sheet of light card in orange
* A scrap of green light card
* Sticky tape
* A pen or pencil (to wrap the pumpkin "vine" around)
* A guillotine (or a pencil, ruler and scissors/ craft knife)

Cut your piece of orange card lengthwise into 8 one-inch (2.5cm) strips.

Fold each strip in half so you know where the halfway mark is.  

Using sticky tape, tape one strip to the other to make a cross.  Repeat this with the other strips until you have four crosses.

Lay one cross across the other and tape. 

Lay the next and tape as shown.

Lay the next and tape as shown.

Put a small bag of sweets/candy or other treats inside.  Now bring up the two sides of each strip and tape together at the top.  

Repeat this until all the strips are taped to their other side and you have a pumpkin shape.

To make the vine:  Cut a small stip of green card about 6 inches (15cm) long, and about 1/4 inch (7mm)  wide.  Twist it around a pencil or pen as shown.

Snip a bit off at an angle on each end.  Tape down.

Cut out two leaf shapes - one big, one small.  Make a couple of sticky tape loops and fasten the leaves to the top of the pumpkin as shown.


Now all there is to do is make a bunch of these for some very special little kids for the 31st.  Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Where do you find the time? These are brilliant Rach! What you must see when you look at a plain piece of paper is amazing!! Keep it up I really enjoy your vision! Jen

    1. Aww thanks Jen. I don't really find the time much at all these days unfortunately. Everything I do has a soundtrack of crying and whining :). Have you been decorating any more cakes lately?



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