Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jethro's favourite things party...

Today my bright and extremely funny son Jethro turned four.  This evening had a little "birthday dinner" for him to celebrate, since tomorrow we are going to Legoland in Germany and so I felt that he didn't need a big party.

Famous last words!  Since when have I been able to resist turning a simple dinner into a full-blown primary-coloured fun-fest?  Since never, that's when.

The cake, a toy-box full of his favourite toys, set the theme.  Jethro's favourite things.  Jet loves cars (especially Cars the movie and Lightning McQueen), he's mad on dinosaurs, drawing, lego and jigsaw puzzles.  And though I hate to admit it (and we don't go there very often, I swear!), he loves a nuggets and chips Happy Meal from McDonalds.

So, I used his favourite things to create the party.  As you may already know, we are moving to Sydney, Australia in July.  With this move looming, I've been more keen than ever to use what I have lying about rather than buy anything in.  So, all the decor was made from bits and pieces I had lying around.

The plates were biodegradable banana palm plates lined with paper placemats.

Each guest had their own takeaway plate complete with fries box (template here).  

The fries boxes were really easy to make and could be used for a fun favour box if not used to hold food.

I also made these little straw name tags using a scalloped craft punch so each guest knew where to sit.

For the decorations I used Jet's toys which kept it fun, bold and bright, and meant I didn't have to make anything like bunting or pompoms.

It was a colourful party for an equally colourful character.  Happy birthday to my special boy!



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